Applying to College

3 Main ways to apply to colleges:

  1. Community College or University's website
  2. CFNC - College Foundation of North Carolina
  3. Common Application

College Foundation of North Carolina - Comprehensive website that you can explore careers, colleges and scholarship opportunities.

Common Application - Widely used platform to apply to colleges and universities.

Requesting and Sending Transcripts

  • Unofficial or personal copy - email our registrar or school counselor
  • Using Common Application - Counselor will upload it in your School Report
  • Using the University's website - CFNC Transcript Hub
  • Unusual circumstance - Registrar or counselor can email it directly to the admsisions office

Letter of Reference/Recommendation

  • Ask in person if possible
  • Give your recommender 2 weeks minimum to complete the request
  • Use the Brag Sheet or Resume' to help your recommender write the best letter possible


Each student is allotted two (2) days per high school career to tour college campuses.

  • You must submit a dated letter or parking pass from the instituion upon you return to have you attendance code corrected.

  • You must let your teachers know in advance to make plans for making up work missed.  It is your responsibility.