Senior Info

Important dates for seniors

  • May 25, 2022  Graduation Speeches Due
  • May 25, 2022  Handicapped Seating FORM DUE
  • May 29, 2022  6:00 pm  Baccalaureate
  • June 2, 2022  9:00 am  Mandatory Graduation PRACTICE
  • June 3, 2022 6:30 pm Graduation
    • Seniors here at 5:30 pm



2022 Senior Memo #1

It is time to get ready for GRADUATION J.

Please read over the following info and see Mrs. Schooley, Mrs. Willis or Mrs. Sanders if you have questions!

 1) Dates/Times

a) Baccalaureate- Scheduled for Sunday May 29th at 6 PM- practice time will be determined at a later date-waiting to hear from the Churches that sponsor this since it is on Memorial Day weekend.

b) Graduation- Friday June 3 at 6:30 PM in the Gym-Seniors MUST be here by 5:30 PM, seniors will meet in rooms on the English hall- rooms will be announced at practice. You will pick up your diploma after Graduation in the media center.  Mandatory practice is June 2nd at 9:00 am-make sure prom appointments are not until around noon- practice should be over by 11 am. All dues/fees must be paid before you are allowed to enter practice.

2) Ticket Info

             Each person (including small children) in the gym needs a ticket. Only people with tickets will be able to enter the Gym. Seniors will each receive 9 tickets for the gym.
Tickets will be given out during Graduation practice. You WILL NOT receive your tickets if you owe fees, uniforms, equipment or books. Check with Mrs. Abi if you have questions.

3) Caps & Gowns- Several Seniors have not picked theirs up yet.

  • Caps & gowns are $50.00. You may pay Ms. Abi Mason, Mrs. Schooley or Mrs. Sanders before or after school.
  • Caps cannot be decorated! They may be monogrammed in gold in interlocking script font.
  • Tassels must be solid blue unless you get a gold Beta tassel. No souvenir tassels may be worn.
  • The only Honor cords that may be worn are those given for NAHS,NTHS and NC Academic Scholars.
  • The only stoles that may be worn are those given for the Latin Awards- these will be given out at graduation practice.


 4) Graduation Speeches/Songs

If you want to speak at Graduation-speeches are due to Mrs. Schooley/Mrs. Sanders by May 25th.  Those who are chosen to either speak at Graduation will be notified by May 27th.

5) Handicapped seating

Must be reserved in advance. See Mrs. Willis for the necessary form- will be available next. The form is due by May 25th.

Handicapped seats require a ticket.



  • There will be a dress code check at 5:45 PM on graduation night.
    • The following items are unacceptable:
      • tennis shoes/sneakers ,casual flip-flops (rainbows)
      • jeans/shorts
      • t-shirts
    • Males- shirt with collar, tie, dress pants & dress shoes with socks
    • Females- skirt, dress, dress pants, dress shoes.


Other important info

  • Doors to the gym will be closed once the seniors enter- NO ONE will be allowed inside of the gym after that time. If people leave the gym they will not be able to re-enter for any reason.


  • Please remind parents/families/guardians/friends they are not allowed to give you flowers after you have received your diploma and walk off of the stage. If they get up and walk over to you, they will be asked to sit down. Please remind people attending that they will be asked to hold all applause until all names have been read.


  • Balloons will not be allowed in the gym.


  • Please ask your family and friends to NOT leave while the Ceremony is occurring. It is very rude for people to leave after “their” senior’s name is called. It blocks the view of others and interrupts the ceremony.