Davis, Zack Trade & Industrial Education (Marine Trades/Welding)
Fulford, Margo Family and Consumer Sciences
Kittrell, Gray Trade & Industrial Education
Lewis, Amanda Business/Marketing Education
McKay, Amy Special Populations Coordinator
Millis, Karran Family and Consumer Sciences
Roberson, Pamela CTE Career Development Coordinator
Salter, Jason Agriculture Education
White, Caitlyn CTE Teacher

CTE High Growth Practices

Effective Collaboration - This is vital to school improvement. Includes sharing resources and making them easily accessible - We use the Moodle, as well as PLC with others in our county. Attend CTSO's and collaborate with others across the state.

Professional Learning - Summer Conference every summer .We visited other teachers in the school to observe their practices within the classroom. Also shared our strategies for high growth with others who visited us.

Effective teaching strategies - Using data with pre and post testing as well as midterms. Use SchoolNet which allows us to analyze the data for each objective and determine student achievement.

High level student engagement - Students given the opportunity to participate in our CTSO's - FFA, HOSA and Skills USA - This allows students to take their learning beyond the classroom. Students participate in local, state and international events.