Health & PE

Frazier, Lindberg Health/PE/Football Coach
Griffee, Daniel Health/PE/Coach
Smith, Andrew Health/PE/Coach

High Growth Practices for ECHS Health & Physical Education Department

  • Teachers demonstrate leadership in the school.

  • Teachers work collaboratively with the families and significant adults in the lives of their students and promote trust and understanding throughout the school environment.

  • Teachers integrate and utilize Class Websites for each class to provide effective communication and to enhance instruction in the classroom.

  • Teachers maintain high standards and clear expectations for every student in each class.

  • Teachers enhance student engagement during class.

  • Teachers actively participate and collaborate through H&PE PLC.

  • Teachers utilize technology to maintain student data and to enhance student learning in class.

  • Teachers use performance feedback and data to increase student persistence on task.

  • Teachers use results from assessments to determine and plan next steps for teaching (re-teaching) and learning.

  • Teachers use differentiation to meet the learning needs of all students.