Guthrie, Nicki English
Pittman, Kent English
Rice, Charlotte English
Roberts, Alexandria English
Sheehan, Carrie
English Department Head

ECHS English Department High Growth Practices 

  • High student accountability through Literature Circles (or other team related activities where students are accountable to each other)
  • Individualized growth models via differentiated assignments in USATestPrep. Department 2017-2018 initiative created protocol for all classes.
  • Student accountability via reading/homework quizzes on a daily (whenever possible) basis.
  • Skills development and review through weekly assignments in IXL, including targeted ACT preparation.
  • High growth in the form of global awareness with analytical responses to Current Events due every week.
  • Regarding inclusion and/or remedial classes, individualized assignments and assessments via Newsela and ReadTheory tailored to each student’s lexile, improvement, and interest engagement
  • High student accountability with writing and revision as students must justify corrections and language choices.
  • Junior and senior English courses also explore post-high school opportunities including college (2yr/4yr), technical programs, military enlistment and workforce readiness.