Baker, George (Brad) History
Deans, Maryellen History
Lynk, Tanner History
Smith, Harrison History

High Growth Practices continuously used in Social Studies courses

Social Studies courses:

  • World History
  • American History I & II
  • Civics and Economics

>Graphic organizers

>Guided notes (with powerpoints)

>Primary Resource -evaluation for content and purpose

>Reading Minute (Warm up)

>Using Artifacts to stimulate discussion

>SAS Curriculum Pathways Activities (computer-based)

>Stanford Education Group -Reading Like a Historian (primary resource "close" readings; analyzing and synthesizing)

>Content vocabulary-identification and usage

>Content videos with inquiries and analyses

>Teacher-made Webquests for content discovery

>Varied-level questions (fact-based and critical thinking)

>Guided readings (Primary/Secondary Sources)

>Computer based review (individual and group based)

>Review games (ex. Jeopardy, Quizlet, Kahoot)