Barnes, Jonathan Science
Ganey, Lucile Physical Science, Chemistry
Sanders, Stephanie Biology
Schooley, Tammy Science Department Head, AP Environmental Science, Biology
Willis, Kari Earth Science, Marine Science

ECHS PLC Work: High Growth Practice in Subject Area/Science Version

1. High on task behavior

2. Quick pace

3. Application questions

4. Use of critical thinking questions

5. Bell ringers

6. Having students take notes

7. Repetition/practice

8. Using formative and summative assessments to track problem areas for students to tailor review material to meet the areas they are weakest.(Problem attic)

9. Making students show their work for credit on math problems to understand processes.

10. Benchmarks

11. Teach bell to bell

12. Continually monitor/assist students

13. High expectations

14. Build a positive relationship with students

15. Know your curriculum

16. Collaborative planning

17. Accountability- set deadlines and stick to them

18. Assigning and checking homework