Fine Arts

Morris, Joella Choral Program
Rhinehardt, Michael Art Teacher
Wright, Ashley Concert Band, Percussion Ensemble, Flag II

Arts High Growth Practices

*Students teach other students

*Students take initiative for their own learning

*Students collaborate in small groups

*Students work hands-on with art materials/instruments

*Teachers set high goals formulated through various formal and informal assessments

*Teachers connect new information with prior knowledge to build on

*Teachers reflect on lessons and techniques in order to reteach more effectively

*Subject content is organized in a way that is meaningful but adaptable to each different group/individual

*Timely and specific feedback is given (sometimes immediately through vocal and instrumental performances). Teachers work with individual students/small groups to critique. Teachers roam the classroom to check for understanding.

*Personal interaction with students builds trust/relationship.

*Rubrics are given ahead of time for to students to understand the requirements/expectations of a task/assignment.