Driver's Ed


As you may be aware, NC Department of Public Instruction is now allowing and encouraging remote instruction for the classroom portion of Driver Education. The restart of the Behind The Wheel instruction will initially address the backlog of students beginning at the point of interruption in March as a result of the school closure. All updates for driver education will be posted on this site.

The NC Driving School employs Driver Education staff members who serve the students in Carteret County. At this time, we are working with the Driving School staff to review options for classroom instruction and to schedule Behind The Wheel instruction. Driving School staff members will be calling students to schedule Behind the Wheel instruction. In order to make a decision as to whether or not to resume Behind The Wheel instruction, families are advised to review the requirements and recommendations found at the following link: Click here to review Driver Education Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) Instruction Requirements & Recommendations.

NC Driving School Link

There is no pre-registration for Driver's Education classes. It is first come, first served.
Students must be at least 14.5 years old.
Students must bring a copy of their birth certificate to the first class. The office will not make copies. Please make sure you make your own copy ahead of time.

After the Driver's Education class, the driving instructor will call students to drive. Please make sure the driving instructor has a working phone number for you. The school does not have communication with the driving instructors and we are unable to pass on changes.

After your child has completed the driving part of Driver's Education, you will need to:

  1. bring in his/her Certificate of Completion that he/she received from the driving instructor into the office to obtain a DEC (Driver's Eligibility Certificate).
  2. DEC's will only be given out between 7:45 am and 2:45 pm. The office staff will check your child's grades to make sure he/she is eligible for his/her learner's permit.
  3. In order for your child to be eligible, he/she had to pass 70% of their classes the previously completed semester. If your child took four classes and failed two, he/she is not eligible for their DEC until he/she passes 70% of their classes.

Once your child has received his/her DEC, the 70% passing rule remains in effect until the student turns 18 or graduates high school. If your child fails to pass 70% of his/her classes, his/her learner's permit or license will be revoked by the DMV. This is not a school decision, it is North Carolina Law!

For other Driver's Education questions, please contact Dr. Sue Kreuser at 252.728.4583.